David Johnson has been a Rapid City resident since 1964. He and his wife Karen have owned and operated the Johnson Tree Company since 1980. David, Karen and their 3 daughters are firm believers in this community and want to work hard to make sure it continues to thrive for future generations.

David Johnson House 33
David and his wife Karen at the Lincoln Day Dinner 2016

David is a SD Veteran, who proudly served as a US Air Force Officer. David was also a Graduate of SDSM&T, and received an MBA from the University of South Dakota.

A note from David:
I feel my history in the military and my experiences and education in our great South Dakota college institutions gives me some very specific insight on what it means to be a leader and the importance of high-quality, locally-controlled education at the K-12 levels.

David is also a Lifetime Member of the NRA and will always continue to support and fight for our 2nd Amendment rights.

David Johnson 2nd Amendment Rapid City South Dakota House 33

David Johnson at the Rapid City Trap Club