Dave and mom

Pierre, SD. February 28, 2019.

Ms. Kitty Werthmann, of the United States Eagle Forum, is in Pierre presenting the venerable Eagle Award to SD State Representative David Johnson (R-District 33) for taking the lead role in the State Legislature (along with Senator Brock Greenfield, R-District 02) in opposing attempts by out-of-state activists to re-write the United States Constitution, ostensibly to “rein in the federal government.”

In South Dakota, we believe our federal Constitution today is perfectly FINE, and we’ve repeatedly, successfully blocked the rewriting attempts. We know that the constitution – AS WRITTEN – gives states the full and complete power to directly control the Feds. We further believe that enforcement of our current constitution is what’s lacking and what’s needed – so THAT’S what WE support.

In the South Dakota legislature, we’ve been saying…
“Don’t CORRUPT our constitution – just ENFORCE it!”

So SD citizens must keep their eyes and ears open, and join me along with the Eagle Forum, Ms. Kitty Werthmann, and the majority of SD State Legislators in PROTECTING the Constitution of the United States of America!
It was great meeting with the A-Team. Many of these fine people attend the legislative activities and I appreciate their attendance.
My new friend Tyler and I got to address the A-Team during the “Tell Us Why You serve” portion of the meeting. Tyler and I discussed how important the legislature is to all people in South Dakota.